Race Across Waterloo Region

The Sumac Course

The Cedar Course

The Maple Course

35kms / 2-4hrs

50kms / 6-8hrs

100kms / 10-12hrs


On August 17, 2019 race crew completed a pilot-run of RAWR, a multi-sport urban/rural adventure race. The race will integrates paddling, biking, and trekking, and features three different distance options, with competitive and non-competitive classes, encouraging racers of all levels to join the adventure. 


This event is a fundraiser for The Sexual Assault Support Centre of Waterloo Region (SASC) 
There is currently a 140 person wait list for survivors of sexual trauma in our community to receive support, and a recent report by Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives ranked Waterloo Region as the least safe place for women to live in Canada. 
RAWR has been developed in partnership with SASC to generate a dialogue on the state of women's safety in our community, and to encourage more women to participate in adventure sport.



Cycling is the dominant discipline in RAWR. Racers will traverse the region on a combination of paved and gravel roads, multi-use trails, and mountain bike trails. Technical riding is only featured in the Maple course. 


Trek sections will showcase some of Waterloo Region's most beautiful landscapes. Check point stickers will feature local designs of native species, paired with education on the flora and fauna with whom we share our environment. 


Racers will paddle on the scenic Grand River, a heritage water feature that spans across Waterloo Region. Paddlesport will include inflatable floaties and canoes. 


Teams will use a map and compass to find checkpoints along the race course. Orienteering education is part of the event. No need to be an expert navigator!

Team Adventure Racing

Adventure Racing is a team sport. In this event, teams will traverse across Waterloo Region. Teams must stay together at all times, and the course will test each team's small group dynamics, problem-solving skills, and their ability to support each other through the journey.


This is a non-supported event. Teams must be self-sufficient through the course. Teams will have the ability to access gear bins and medical support at some transition areas, but may not accept support from anyone outside of the event. Teams may assist each other should one team come across another team requiring aid.

Friends and Family

Friends and family are welcome to volunteer with the logistics crew or at checkpoints, and are encouraged to cheer on the racers at the start line, at designated transition areas, and at the finish line. 


This is a fundraising event, with all proceeds going towards the Sexual Assault Support Centre of Waterloo Region. 


Sara Casselman - #TeamSASC
Paul Sauder - #TeamSASC
Adam Reder - #TeamWRX
Tessa Jennison - #TeamWRX - Director
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Jasper Brawley-Hayes - #TeamHDP
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Adam F. Lewis - #TeamMEC
Sammi Amir - #TeamMEC
Dave Wall - Support Crew
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