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It started with three people taking a walk...

Waterloo Region Crossing is a not-for-profit endurance events organization. We coordinate endurance events to raise awareness about pressing local issues, and to invite our fellow community members to walk the walk, demonstrating our commitment to improving quality of life for everyone in our community. 

We coordinate two events:


Our winter trek (The Crossing Trek) is a pilgrimage across Waterloo Region to raise awareness about the risks of exposure for homeless citizens. 

Our summer event (Race Across Waterloo Region *RAWR*) is a multisport adventure race designed to generate dialogue on the state of women's safety in our community, and to introduce more women to adventure sport.


Waterloo Region Crossing is a not-for-profit endurance event company. 

We coordinate events wherein citizens challenge themselves in extraordinary circumstances 

to raise awareness about the most pressing issues facing our community.


We work at the grassroots level, engaging with our fellow citizens and local organizations 

to build community with a common goal: to empower each other through understanding, 

setting an example as leaders in social compassion and environmental stewardship. 


We build proof-of-concept events that can be expanded, replicated, and built upon 

to broaden our impact with each successive year.  


The Maple Flask is awarded to one trekker each year who demonstrates an exceptional level of care, empathy, and kindness to their fellow trekkers.
In memory of our fellow trek crew member Duff Becker 
2019 Winner - Rasha Salem
2020 Winner - Jim Goetz

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